Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Day 1

Yesterday I went to the doctor and he confirmed what I have wondered for a very long time. I have Fibromyalgia. I can remember a time when I felt good, but it was so long ago. I have had pain literally every day somewhere in my body for so long it seems natural. Lately though I seem to have been in more pain. To the point that I am sick of hearing myself say when asked how I feel; I have a headache, my back hurts, my legs hurt, my feet hurt, my arm hurts, my shoulder hurts, blah, blah, blah! I am sick of hearing myself so I am sure those around me are sick of hearing it! Not once has anyone said they were sick of it, because they love me, but I am sure they are.
Last week I went to my doctor and told her I feel lousy and I'm tired of it. I told her every place on my body that hurt that day and she asked how long this has been going on. My reply caused her pause. I told her I have felt this bad for at least 5 years but had something on me hurting for over 10 years. She poked and proded until I almost smacked her then she ordered some blood work. She wrote me a prescription for a muscle relaxer and told me to go see this other doctor. I like a doctor who is honest and tells you when something is out of their ability. She just said, I know someone who will help you better than I can.

Last night I took the medication like the Rheumatologist told me and slept pretty well. I woke up once or twicein the night, which is better than usual. I got up this morning to a little pain in my ankles and feet and wrists but that is all. How strange.
Right now 8 hours since I took my morning meds I have a pretty bad headache but I am unsure if it is just my daily headache, side effect of the Tramadol or due to the weather.

7pm last night : Flexaril 5mg
                        Tramadol 50mg

5:30 am : Synthroid 100mcg
               Fish Oil

Woke up pretty drugged feeling, dozed on the sofa until noon.

2pm : Sudaphed PE
3pm : Tramadol 50mg
           Headache is really pounding.

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  1. Diane, I came over from my blog to see what you have been up to. I'm so sorry you are having all this pain, and hope your trip to the rheumatologist helps. I sorta' kinda' fight the same thing, but don't want to go to the rheumatologist, even though he says to go. I remember my mother saying, "My meat hurts," meaning she just ached, and I feel the same way. Tylenol is way of life for me. Hope you get relief. (And 3/8 inch seam??? puh-lease. Now way!!)